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Welcome To is devoted to making it quick and easy to make your own magic the gathering cards. Do you have a magic card in mind that you have always wanted to create? Now, in a matter of a few minutes, make that card and share it with your friends. Allow others to rate it, and leave you feedback. Creating a magic the gathering card is quick and easy.
Step 1
Enter The Card's Information
Specify information such as name, casting cost, power, toughness, and of course card text.
Step 2
Select & Upload A
Photo To Use
Upload a photo to use on your card, then use our tools to crop it exactly how you want it.
Step 3
Enjoy Your Newly
Created CArd
Now that the card you envisioned is a reality. Share it with others and see what they think of it.
Magic The Gathering Tournaments
Check out the latest cards, created by visitors just like you. If you see one you like, consider rating it, or letting it's creator know by leaving a comment. Account holders can manage a list of their favorite cards for easy access.
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